Acne treatment

Acne treatment using Aerolase technology

The Aerolase NeoClear Acne treatment is an FDA-approved laser technology that is effective, safe, and produces quick results. We use the Aerolase laser technology to treat mild to severe acne cases and acne scarring because it has a high success rate and has no downtime. Our clients can return to everyday life or work immediately.

Why NeoClear acne therapy?


Most frequent questions and answers

Its laser energy penetrates deeply into the skin, generating heat around the sebaceous glands. The heat reduces sebum output, suppresses inflammation, and destroys the P. acne’s bacteria. Shortly after the treatment, you should start to see a reduction in swelling, and the overall number of acne lesions should decrease.

You will notice results immediately after the first session. However, you will see the total difference after you complete the recommended treatment.

The treatment time varies depending on the severity and the size of the affected area; however, typically it would take between 20-60 minutes.

The number of sessions depends on the severity and the affected area; however, common recommendations are between 4-6 sessions, 2-5 weeks apart.

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